Emergency Contact

In the unfortunate event of an accident or your bike has been stolen / damaged then please follow the steps below:

In the event of an accident:

Remove all parties from danger and attend to any injuries, ensuring that the emergency services have been notified as appropriate via 999. We love our bikes but they can be replaced, your health and wellbeing is paramount here. If possible gather information such as witness names and contact details and obtain photographic evidence if safe to do so.

Once the matter has been dealt with then please call us on 07378 315255 for further assistance.

If your bike has been stolen or damaged:

Make a note of where you are and what time you last saw your bike along with any other information that may be of use to the police such as suspicious activity or vehicles. Call the Police on 101 and report the crime. If the crime is in progress or suspects are still present call 999. The police will give you a crime reference number, you need to make a note of and keep of that reference.

Then call us on 07378 315255 for further assistance.

Please bear in mind that mobile phone coverage can be intermittent in some areas. A text message and an email to hire@electreks.co.uk will ensure your message is received in a timely way.